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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Kazbek Castle, Dubrovnik

Dear Voleja,

I can only echo the comments of Sujata.the hotel staff were always friendly , helpful and efficient, the rooms were beautifully furnished clean and comfortable, and the hotel was very well maintained. In particular the tasting menu that the hotel put together with your help was superb; the quality of the food and wine was superb, and the staff took great Catrin service and presentation for sneak that was very reasonable prices. I could strongly recommend the hotel incorporating this into their menus!! I can highly recommend the hotel and the whole group really enjoyed their stay.

The only very minor comment was that the water bottle was not replaced in the room after the first day, and there were no staff inland at the pool to lay out cushions and towels, but this is a minor issue.

I would be very happy to go back! Thanks again for your help, 

Very best wishes, Claire

Wednesday, 08 June 2016

Kazbek Castle, Dubrovnik

The Kazbek Castle is a lovely facility. The first impression walking through the courtyard is superb and the entry into the hotel is quietly elegant. The pool area in the back is sumptuous; fluffy towels provided and food/drink service offered. I was most pleased with the rooms; the amenities and the privacy/quiet. I would rate them a B+ in decor; they were very comfortable but not a "wow" in decor.

   The staff was unparalleled in service. Every request, every situation was handled with grace and knowledge. The concierge staff was exceptional (LOVED Jenny in particular!) as was the waitstaff in the dining room. The breakfasts were delicious, fresh and varied. Anything anyone wanted was delivered with a smile.

   Overall...Kazbek is a destination in and of itself. It was the perfect place for our group of 24; we were made to feel at home in a gorgeous castle!!! Quite the treat!

                     THANKS ever so much!

                       Nancy Belleman

Friday, 09 October 2015

Villa Alba Dubrovnik

Voleja – thanks for your email and apologies for massively delayed response

Likewise I would like to thank you and the owners for hosting us – we did enjoy our time in Dubrovnik very much

On the negative side, I only have two comments – the road traffic and noise and the sound system in the house/pool area (which was not modern or easy to figure out how it operates)

Many more positive comments – Iris was extremely helpful, as well as Marco and the cleaning lady (I forgot her name), the house was very nice and cosy.

I hope we will have a chance to come back to Dubrovnik and Villa Alba.

Best regards


Tuesday, 08 September 2015

Villa Golden View Istria

Hi Voleja!

Our stay at Villa Golden View in Novigrad was perfect. The villa accommodated 4 couples and 2 kids, and it did not feel crowded or too much. We were able to enjoy time together at the villa as well as time spent apart at the same time. The Villa was excellent planned for us with the bedrooms, common areas and outside areas. The location was also great. We were right at the sea front, and could easily go for a swim or walk along the bay. We were right next to the old town and could walk everywhere. The host also accommodated us with a bout for a day out at sea, and we also had a chef come to our Villa and cook for us. Excellent!

We highly recommend the Villa Golden View to anyone that enjoy a great house in a great location.

Thank you!

Best wishes
Henriette Sørli

Tuesday, 08 September 2015

Villa Hvar|Hvar Town

Hi Voleja

First class villa. Lovely staff. Great location. 5 stars. Expensive.

R. Lund

Monday, 07 September 2015

Villa Korcula Korcula Island

Hi there,

Yes, we are back to normal life and we really enjoyed the stay at the villa.

Overall feedback:  

Beautiful villa with fantastic pool

Very Nice semi private beach

Very Clean

Very good and nice people taking care of it, both the cleaning lady and the person that was helping out on a  daily basis (arrival-departure) with everything (Matko)  

Everything that was needed was there , barbeque, in the kitchen, outside, in the rooms etc. Great location with a fantastic view

To be improved - Some minor things did not work, ie one room AC. Need to improve and strengthen the wifi signal, did not work at the pool, irritating..

Overall score, 9,8 points out of 10.


Best regards, 

Dzeki Mackinovski

Tuesday, 08 September 2015

Villa Korcula Korcula Island

Hi Voleja,

thanks for all your help, we just got home and had a great time, 

I really hope to have some more holiday in one of your great villas,

Thank you


Monday, 14 September 2015

Villa Meje|Split

Dear Voleja

I am writing this review on behalf of my wife Karen Beck and the family and other guests who enjoyed the stay at your villa in Split In July this year.
It is difficult to describe adequately how perfect our stay was in this perfect location. For me the most memorable  things about the villa was its easy access to the sea where I could enjoy my early morning swims in the beautiful Adriatic. But equally the comfort of the villa, the guest rooms, facilities, pool and view and the whole layout of the villa and garden was ideal especially for a large  group which we had. The villa enabled us to choose to be together if we wished to or enjoy privacy if that was preferred. The staff who cleaned the villa did an excellent job every day. The highlight for us was the chef Tiko who we all became very friendly with and were highly impressed with his cooking skills- something different and delicious every day and his choice of menu and wines was first class. He was charming company and highly entertaining. My only suggestion is that with a large group which we had, the chef might benefit from another assistant to help set and clear the dining table - sometimes we were worried that it was too much for one person. But this was not a major problem. All of us who stayed absolutely  loved the relaxation and comfort which the villa provided. It had everything we could have hoped for.
Many thanks again for making our holiday in Croatia so enjoyable.
We look forward to returning and will happily recommend the villa to others.

Best regards

Philip Lederman

Monday, 31 August 2015

Villa Mey's Place|Dubrovnik


After our holiday I thought I would give you some feedback.  Despite a day and a half of tremendous thunderstorms and a minor issue we had a great time and really enjoyed our stay both at the villa and in Croatia.  Although we had reservations about the suitability of the villa for us given we had a small child of one and a half, it turned out to be absolutely fine.  Initially finding a scary pathway to the patio that leads to the sea we shortly later found a secure and safe passage so that all in the family including the little baby could enjoy being in the sea.

Overall we found the villa to work very well for us given the number of people we were.  The rooms were comfortable, the ac worked well as did the wi-fi (though it is very slow in Croatia). The access to the sea as I mentioned was also great.  Now I would never imagine singling out the "maid" Bea, as a real highlight.  But she really was and made a big difference in making our stay more comfortable and enjoyable.  Please do let your Croatian counterparts know that we really appreciated her input.  She was very friendly, professional, helpful and quite intelligent and sophisticated for someone whose responsibility is mainly to look after the house.  She showed my wife the market where locals buy fresh local food, helped us manage some errands, had helpful ideas, and was a useful and reliable conduit to communicate with the owners if necessary.

The boat trip to Elaphiti was great and you were absolutely right to suggest it over going to the national park.  We thought of going another day to the park but Bea also told us that it did not make sense to do that given the one week duration of our stay and I think she was right having spoken to some others.

The kayaking trip as you know started with us waiting around for a while but turned out to be a very nice outing and the people who took us out were very relaxed about how much time we spent rather than sticking to a tight schedule.  We also found out that taxi drivers have a hard time finding the house!  Even the driver for the boat trip ended up at the wrong property although we provided some pretty clear landmarks that should have made it easy to recognise our house.  For that reason being able to be in contact by mobile with the people organising the events is very useful.

So all in all a great holiday--our second good one with your agency this year (out of two) and many thanks to you and your team for finding a great last minute solution for us.

Best regards


Saturday, 05 September 2015

Villa Mimi, Dalmatia

Hi Voleja

I am very happy to do this. The Villa Mimi was lovely. It was very clean and comfortable and the facilities were excellent. The owners were very friendly and made us feel most welcome. It was one of the nicest villas we have stayed in. The views from the terrace were spectacular and the architecture of the villa was amazing. We were greeted by the owners on arrival and they presented us with a huge plate of local food and some delicious Croatian wine. They also gave us useful information about Omis restaurants and shopping.  I would highly recommend the villa for comfort and cleanliness. Our only small criticism was the lack of restaurants or bars nearby so you have to drive everywhere. This is not really a problem but I think would be useful to anyone else looking to stay there. We will certainly be coming back to beautiful, friendly Croatia! 

Hope this helps



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