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Experience the pinnacle of luxury in our meticulously curated collection of Croatian villas. Whether you prefer the grandeur of Dubrovnik, the charming authenticity of Istria, or the secluded tranquility on islands such as Hvar or Korcula, our selection ensures a perfect backdrop for family holidays, corporate events, and magical weddings. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled blend of luxury accommodation and extraordinary services as you explore Europe's most captivating coastline!


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Since 2009

Since 2009

Luxury Croatian Villas proudly stands as the pioneer online platform solely dedicated to the realm of Croatian luxury villas.
Only luxury properties

Only luxury properties

Our enduring mission revolves around handpicking and presenting the absolute crème de la crème of Croatian luxury villas.
Concierge services

Concierge services

Our devoted team relentlessly strives to curate an impeccable Croatian holiday experience, tailored specifically to your desires.
24 hour support

24 hour support

Our steadfast commitment to our guests ensures round-the-clock availability for any emergent needs or requests.

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LCV Difference

We are the pioneers in curating lavish villa experiences, exclusively in Croatia. Our handpicked portfolio of luxury villas, a deep understanding of the local culture, and relentless 24/7 support make us stand out.

We are devoted to personalizing your stay, balancing opulence with authenticity.

With us, experience not just a vacation, but a compelling blend of luxury and tradition, immersed in the mesmerizing Croatian landscape.

Discover Croatia with us - where unparalleled service meets unforgettable experiences.

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