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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 21:11

Villa Supetar, Brac island

Hi, we really enjoyed Villa Supetar. Sanja was very helpful, chef was excellent, villa nice.  No complaints


Tuesday, 19 July 2016 21:05

Villa Mey's Place, Dubrovnik

Dear Voleja, 

We arrived easily and our villa manager is wonderful! He was very stressed about the pool not being 'quite' ready, and he was so excited to surprise us! We love the villa, and the country! Yes, our dear friends from Santa Fe, New Mexico decided in the last couple of weeks to come over as well, after we told them we had 4 bedrooms, and it was just the two of us. They said, "We will come meet you!" They went to Rome before, and we went to London. Wonderful opportunity to be with them, and they booked us a yacht for cruising the islands on day trips tomorrow and Thursday.  We are very much looking forward to that!  They are departing Friday.

Chris and I rented a motorcycle and are headed up to Ston to ride around among the vineyards today. So we have the best of all worlds - the city of Dubrovnik, the Villa Mey's Place, the motorcycle for countryside touring, and boat trips for island hopping. 

Thank you for checking on us, and we are happy to be here.

I would like to work with you when we get home on a time we can bring our children here.

Thank you 

Leslie Cedar 

Tuesday, 05 July 2016 20:59

Villa Luce, Dubrovnik


The home was immaculate, beautiful with all necessary accoutrements.

Great views. Pleasant to holiday in. Great location. Most importantly , a fabulous house manager

Watch out for parking in one of the garages.

Gerald Nestadt  


Sunday, 29 May 2016 20:57

Villa Golden View, Novigrad


I was part of the party that rented the house in Novigrad with David Bergman.  We thought it was a fantastic house. Very well laid out for a party of our size (8 people) and comfortable.  The location and views couldn't have been better.  The kitchen was extremely well equipped.  We did have a little problem with the wifi as far as getting television coverage of the basketball games in the US which was very important to some in our party. Other  than that the wifi was fine albeit a little slow until the new router was delivered in connection with the tv problems.

I would definitely recommend this house and your service -- in fact, I already have!

Fiszman, Sula R

Sunday, 28 August 2016 20:54

Villa Gitana, Split

Dear Voleja,

Thank you for your email we have arrived back from Croatia today.

Villa Gitana was a beautiful villa,  very well equipped kitchen and lots of towels. It was looked after well, very clean and tidy. The view from the villa was stunning. Ivo the owner was very helpful and kind and very happy to give advise or fix problems immediately. My only suggestions would be to pre-warn people about the drive upto the villa although only 8 minutes from village it is quite a precarious drive.

Ivo very kindly provided us with cheese/ham/bread on arrival - but would be helpful like many villas in Europe a basic starter kit of milk, butter, pasta, cheese,pasta sauce, bread etc so if you do get there late like we did with children you can make a meal - there were some basics but not enough to cook basic meal.

All in all a very good vacation and would highly recommend the villa.



Thursday, 02 June 2016 20:49

Villa Bruna, Dubrovnik

Dear Voleja,

We were with two different groups. The first week was all mature travelers. My cousin had helped me choose the villa, and we both agreed that it was better than we had expected, and our expectations were high! We loved the outdoor space, used the kitchen extensively, used the outdoor kitchen as well. It was lovely that all the basic supplies that were there could be used, coffee, olive oil, salt, pepper, all the things one doesn't use up in a week, but still needs. The second week was us with our three twenty-something children and their partners. We cooked breakfasts, but never dinners, and the young people used the living room for tv watching, linking through their laptops for shows. They used the pool more, and the kitchen less, but they were just as impressed.

I would warn people to bring ear plugs, or to have the villa provide them. It is nothing they can do anything about, but they are close to a stop light which has a beeping sound when it is safe for pedestrians to cross. This sound does not stop at night! Perhaps in the summer when the AC is going and the window closed it is not so noticeable. We always have earplugs with us, so it didn't bother us, but it did some of our guests. A few suggestions: American washing machines are very different, and none of my children could work out how to use the two that were available. A plastified card giving translations of the Croatian program language would have been helpful. Also, the first week was not very warm, and our laundry took more than 2 days to dry. For us, one washer and one dryer would have been preferable over two washers and no dryer!

These are very small quibbles indeed, because if there was a Villa Bruna in every place we want to go for a family vacation, we would stay there over and over again. Rafaela was super responsive, she arranged for a photographer to come to the house who was great. She even helped us find a doctor for a home visit when my son was ill, and was always available. Marko Matei came and met us 2 days before the dinner. He inspected the kitchen, took an inventory so he knew what he needed to bring. We adjusted the menu one more time. He had great suggestions, but also listened well to our wishes. He showed up on time, and, although we couldn't be in the kitchen while he was making preparations, he made us coffee and tea etc, so we were not deprived. The dinner was absolutely fabulous, and we even had leftovers. We would hire him again in a flash!

Thanks to you too, Voleja, for all your help. We had such a lovely vacation!


Sunday, 07 August 2016 20:47

Villa Bracka, Brac island


 The Villa was great and lived up to 95% of our expectations . The Villa Service representative  was brilliant and did a great job.

We would go again.

 .... one more Kyak and one more mountain bike would be our suggested improvements.



Mr Booth

Friday, 26 August 2016 20:42

Villa Alba, Dubrovnik

We very much enjoyed our experience in villa Alba. It is beautiful and the service was quite good. The house was recently converted into a smart house so it had a few glitches with the air conditioning which made it difficult but our concierge Iris was accessible even at midnight and had the situation fixed promptly as possible. The only other issue is the steps going up and down to the house so if you are someone with leg problems this would be difficult. Otherwise we loved it and our stay here. 

Sirisha Durbhakula

Thursday, 15 September 2016 20:40

Kazbek Castle, Dubrovnik

Castle Kazbek was fantastic. 

It was great to have the hotel to ourselves. The rooms were very comfortable, the whole hotel is very well kept, and the pool area was lovely.

Breakfasts were delicious and plentiful. The dinner on Saturday night with wines was fantastic. All the staff were very helpful and friendly.

I will definitely stay there again if visiting Dubrovnik.

Sujata Kundu

Thursday, 15 September 2016 20:36

Kazbek Castle, Dubrovnik

Dear Voleja,

I can only echo the comments of Sujata.the hotel staff were always friendly , helpful and efficient, the rooms were beautifully furnished clean and comfortable, and the hotel was very well maintained. In particular the tasting menu that the hotel put together with your help was superb; the quality of the food and wine was superb, and the staff took great Catrin service and presentation for sneak that was very reasonable prices. I could strongly recommend the hotel incorporating this into their menus!! I can highly recommend the hotel and the whole group really enjoyed their stay.

The only very minor comment was that the water bottle was not replaced in the room after the first day, and there were no staff inland at the pool to lay out cushions and towels, but this is a minor issue.

I would be very happy to go back! Thanks again for your help, 

Very best wishes, Claire

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