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Istria and Kvarner Gulf

Istria and Kvarner Gulf

With its landscapes and lifestyles very much resembling Tuscany, the Istrian peninsula retains an air of mystique about it, arising from scenic natural beauties which lured the ancient Romans away from their homelands to build monuments and cities that still exist here today. Kissed by the Adriatic Sea, Istria is blessed with a bounty of delicious fresh seafood; while its rolling hillside landscape is fast-becoming a capital for cognoscenti of white truffles and wines, today recognized around the world.

Leaning onto Istria, the bay of Kvarner, its inspiring islands and a narrow strip of coast bounded by the mountains of Učka and Velebit, bring a breath of fresh air to all seeking rejuvenation from their holidays. Literally, as with favorable microclimate and unpolluted nature, Kvarner has long been a favored Croatian health destination.

Every aspect of villa life in Istria and Kvarner is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and luxurious living. Located in the heart of peninsula, Istrian luxury villas showcase the beauties of its inlands and traditional architecture. Whether you are planning a romantic honeymoon, a health excursion, an anniversary, or taking the kids on a family vacation, Istria and Kvarner's wonderful beaches, bike and hiking trails, yachting, wine and food tours and spectacular sightseeing are all waiting for you at Luxury Croatian Villas!