Split region

Split region

Dalmatia's alluring coastline, a siren's call for emperors, explorers, and aesthetes for over two millennia, continues to bewitch with its untouched splendor, dramatic vistas, unspoiled natural wonders, and affable inhabitants. At the heart of this illustrious Adriatic canvas, Split, the region's crown jewel, is a haven of unhurried serenity, especially exemplified in the character of its luxury villas.

Our handpicked luxury villas, sprinkled across Split's most coveted locales, offer an elegant medley of styles - from Mediterranean authenticity to sleek modernity. Each villa brimming with upscale amenities, promising a stay drenched in opulence and ease.

Nestled in the historic heart of Split is the labyrinthine Diocletian’s Palace, radiating an ambiance of effortless relaxation, a testament to the city's Roman heritage. Split also serves as the perfect springboard for exploring the region's wonders, from the UNESCO-protected Trogir to the enchanting coastal town of Primošten.

If your vacation dreams are woven with the threads of escaping the mundane, unearthing the extraordinary, where past and present dance in harmonious balance, our elite selection of luxury villas in the Split region awaits to fulfill those dreams.