North Dalmatia region

North Dalmatia

Radiating a vibrant city vibe that harmoniously intertwines the ancient etched onto its stone façades, the contemporary expressed in its urban rhythm, and the lively spirit of everyday encounters, Zadar, with its 3000 years of rich history, truly embodies the exhilarating diversity of Croatia. The surrounding Northern Dalmatia paints a riveting canvas of Croatia's diversity – the enigmatic seascapes of the Kornati archipelago, the idyllic islands such as Pag or Vir, each with its distinct personality, and the mesmerizing inland vistas, a gateway to four national parks - Paklenica, Velebit, Plitvice, and Krka, all inviting explorers, social butterflies, and solitude-seekers with equal allure.

Choosing your luxury villa in the North Dalmatia and Zadar region might require some discerning decision-making, for each villa is a unique masterpiece offering an unmatched experience. Revel in the sumptuous elegance of a traditional villa uniquely situated on a lighthouse, or cherish your solitude in a contemporary gem tucked away in a private Adriatic cove. Here in the North Dalmatia region, the luxury, the experiences, the quintessential essence of Croatia are all waiting to be discovered by you!