Dubrovnik region

Dubrovnik region

Stepping into a luxury villa in Dubrovnik is like stepping back in time, an echo of an era when the city's nobility would escape the sun-baked stone streets for the tranquil coolness of their lavish estates nestled amidst verdant gardens and caressed by the azure Adriatic.

Immerse yourself in this time-honoured tradition of relaxation, where the allure of nature meets the elegance of architecture in our hand-picked collection of Dubrovnik's luxury villas. Here, indulge in the serenity of your private pool and spa, ensconced in comfort and tranquillity, all the while cradled by the crystalline Adriatic, under the watchful eyes of Dubrovnik’s enchanting Old Town.

Dubrovnik, with its timeless charm, promises an array of unforgettable experiences. From hunting for artisanal jewels, setting sail on the mesmerizing Adriatic, or basking in the glow of an evening framed by magnificent Baroque architecture. Our meticulously selected luxury villines in and around Dubrovnik offer a plethora of awe-inspiring moments, surprises, and boundless delight.


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Boat trips from Dubrovnik

Discover secrets of the islands nearest your luxury villa vacation

Sailing, an essence imbued in the soul of Dubrovnik, remains an indispensable part of any visit to the city. Set sail from the southernmost tip of Dalmatia, where a plethora of extraordinary island adventures awaits just off the coast. Closest to the shoreline, the Elaphiti Islands, with their humble population of under a thousand, captivate global audiences with tranquil, exclusive beaches and lavish super-yacht laden bays, scattered across the thirteen-island archipelago. Contrarily, the Pelješac Peninsula might deceive with its island-like visage, but it's an intriguing sliver of land stretching 65 kilometres into the Adriatic. It navigates from the renowned oyster and seafood haven of Ston through Croatia's prime winemaking territory. Venturing further out, the verdant spectacle of Mljet Island unfurls, offering a rich tapestry of lush forests and coastal wonders - pristine beaches, awe-inspiring caves, and secluded bays. A considerable part of this Eden, one-third of the entire island, is safeguarded as a National Park. Embarking on a boat trip is an intrinsic part of your luxury villa holiday, a passage to unique island vistas and the fabled, fortified city of Dubrovnik, just as travellers have admired for centuries - from the deck, with the sea's gentle sway.