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Dubrovnik region

Dubrovnik region

The experience of staying in a luxury villa in Dubrovnik is a special one. The city has a centuries’ long tradition of summer leisure, originating back at the times of Dubrovnik Republic, when its nobility escaped the fatiguing heat of the Old Town’s stone to beautiful estates outside the City Walls, commonly built amidst lush gardens and near water.

This ancient spirit of leisure, combining cool of nature with elegant architecture, continues today in each luxury villa in our Dubrovnik collection. Experience the luxurious privacy of your own pool and spa and truly relax in peace and comfort surrounded by the crystal blue waters of Adriatic Sea, overlooking the sun splashed walls of Dubrovnik’s magical Old Town.

Whether it’s shopping for handmade jewellery, sailing the gorgeous Adriatic, or enjoying a glittering evening surrounded by glorious Baroque architecture, Dubrovnik, its surroundings and our luxury villas offer endless fascination, surprise and satisfaction.


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