Other Regions

Other regions

In the heart of Continental Croatia lies a realm steeped in the grandeur of historic castles, a testament to the 18th-century nobility's predilection for erecting splendid residences amidst captivating parks and promenades, built upon the remnants of historic forts. This enlightened zest for life, encapsulated in the harmonious fusion of awe-inspiring nature and the architectural prowess of these historic properties, persists in each luxury villa handpicked for our Continental Croatia collection.

The region seamlessly merges into the bustling cityscape of Zagreb, Croatia's capital. Here, the serene beauty of its idyllic hills and endless plains serve as a contrast to the Central European allure of Zagreb's vibrant urban environment. Even as the largest city and the administrative and business nucleus of the country, Zagreb nurtures an intimate charm within the winding byways of its Old Town, lively open-air flower and produce markets, homey patisseries, and welcoming outdoor cafés.

Whether you're drawn to Zagreb for business or pleasure, our meticulously chosen luxury villas provide the ideal setting to indulge in an ambiance of decadent décor, contemporary comforts, and refined elegance. Enjoy a truly unique living experience, all while immersed in the perpetual allure of the region's rich historic tapestry.