Be captivated by our lifestyle stories, thoughtfully curated to elevate your ultimate getaway! From the opulence of our Dubrovnik villas to the charm of traditional Istrian homes, and the private sanctuaries on islands like Hvar or Korcula, our luxury villas present the perfect backdrop for memorable family vacations, standout corporate events, and remarkable destination experiences.


Embrace the magic of Croatia in our Luxury Croatian Villas - where every moment is a masterpiece, every memory an artwork, and every stay an unforgettable chapter in your journey.
Immerse yourself in Croatia's most exquisite collection of luxury villas, meticulously hand-selected for your ultimate vacation experience! From the grandeur of our Dubrovnik villas to the authenticity of Istrian homes, and the tranquil havens nestled on islands like Hvar or Korcula.
These extraordinary properties are tailor-made for memorable family holidays, distinguished corporate events, and idyllic destination weddings.
Revel in these luxurious accommodations while exploring Europe's most breathtaking coastline - welcome to the epitome of Croatian elegance and charm.

Boat trips from Dubrovnik

Discover secrets of the islands nearest your luxury villa vacation
Discover secrets of the islands nearest your luxury villa vacation

An essential aspect of the Dubrovnik experience is a voyage along its sparkling coast. Embark on a maritime adventure from the comfort of your luxury villa and uncover Croatia's most enchanting island retreats nestled in the southernmost expanse of Dalmatia.

Begin with the Elaphiti Islands, a constellation of thirteen jewels shimmering in the Adriatic. Despite their small population, they command worldwide attention for their serene, exclusive beaches and secluded bays that often play host to super yachts.

Then, trace the intriguing outline of Pelješac. While masquerading as an offshore island, this sliver of land is, in fact, a peninsula that reaches 65 kilometers into the Adriatic. From Ston's renowned oyster and seafood harbor, journey through Croatia's finest winemaking terrain.

Further afield, Mljet Island enchants with its dramatic natural landscape. Explore dense forests inland and spectacular beaches, caverns, and bays along the shore. A significant portion of this island, carpeted in lush greenery, is a protected National Park.

A boat trip not only allows you to appreciate these unique vistas but also helps you connect with the timeless allure of the fortified city of Dubrovnik - just as countless visitors have done over the centuries. It is, indeed, the quintessential luxury villa holiday experience.

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cave beach Dubrovnik
boat trip Dubrovnik
Pelješac at sunset
elaphiti islands setting




Boat trips from Hvar

See Croatia’s most famous islands during your luxury villa vacation
See Croatia’s most famous islands during your luxury villa vacation

Nestled in the heart of Dalmatia, the islands twinkle like stars against the sapphire backdrop of the Adriatic Sea. Anchoring your luxury villa holiday on Hvar is the ideal gateway to explore these celebrated gems.

Embark on an aquatic odyssey, where Brač island first greets you with its famed Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) beach. Witness the pebbly cape dance and weave with the ebb and flow of the ocean. Behold the striking white cliffs - a testament to historic mining exploits, and home to the acclaimed white stone that graces grand palaces across the Mediterranean and beyond.

Next, Šolta island charms with its picturesque fishing villages, harboring homes hewn from traditional stone. Journey inland to discover remnants of Roman civilization, or find shepherd shelters dotting the hilltops, connecting you with the island's pastoral past.

Venture further to Vis, the remotest inhabited island off Croatia's mainland. Accessible only by boat, its enchanting Blue Cave awaits, while its secluded, immaculate beaches promise an experience of untouched beauty.

Finally, navigate Hvar's majestic southern shore. Marvel at towering cliffs that rise from the sea, concealing vineyards and sea caves. Explore hidden beaches, only accessible by boat, promising an exclusive slice of paradise. Uncover the uncharted delights of these islands – an experience steeped in timeless beauty and unique charm.

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Hvar archipelago
Boat trip to Zlatni Rat, Bol
Pakleni islands archipelago
beach, coast town Hvar




Day trips from Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik day trips during your luxury villa stay
Dubrovnik day trips during your luxury villa stay

Choosing a luxury villa near Dubrovnik doesn't only offer you access to exquisite dining, vibrant nightlife, and a historic, atmospheric city, but also the opportunity for unforgettable day trips. Close by, in Trsteno, a warm, intimate cookery class reveals the secrets of Dalmatian cuisine in a charming, traditional stone house nestled in southeast Europe’s oldest arboretum.

Venture out to sea to explore the beautiful Elaphiti islands and journey towards the renowned Pelješac wine region, where unique grape varieties thrive, creating acclaimed wines that delight even the most discerning palates. Nature enthusiasts can sail to the untouched beauty of Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park and Mljet National Park for unforgettable experiences.

For sailors and history buffs, the stunning approach to the picturesque Korčula Town is a feast for the senses. And if you prefer not to venture too far, there's plenty to explore close to your luxury villa. Cycle through different parts of the city or coast, or get a unique vantage point of the city walls from a kayak. Hiking enthusiasts can conquer Mount Srd or the nearby Konavle for breathtaking views of the city and islands.

Venture to the Neretva river valley to find a completely different landscape or cross national borders to the south for a visit to Montenegro, home to the spectacular Bay of Kotor. To the north, explore Bosnia Herzegovina and the fascinating city of Mostar, where two different religions coexist, each leaving their unique imprint on the city's food, architecture, music, and culture. Dubrovnik, it seems, is not only a destination in itself but also a gateway to a world of unforgettable experiences.

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Day trip to Korcula
Trsteno arboretum
Pelješac vineyard
Dubrovnik cooking class




Wedding in Istria

Istria is perfect for weddings!
Istria is perfect for weddings!

Step into the world of enchanting Istria, where every corner whispers tales of romance and every vista invites you to make lasting memories. Say 'I do' in this land that mimics Tuscian landscapes, amidst historic monuments built by ancient Romans and natural wonders that stole their hearts. Our exquisite selection of luxury villas, each echoing the distinctive Istrian charm, offers the perfect stage for your dream wedding. From elegant estates nestled amidst rolling hills to sophisticated manors overlooking the azure Adriatic Sea, each villa sets the tone for a celebration that reflects your unique love story.

Imagine exchanging vows in a fairy-tale town, bathed in the warm glow of a setting sun, with cobblestone streets and baroque buildings as your backdrop. Picture your guests enchanted by the idyllic landscapes, local white truffles and world-renowned wines. Delight in a pre-wedding sail around the captivating Kvarner Bay, exploring the charm of seaside towns, health-restoring microclimate, and the invigorating breath of untouched nature.

A wedding in Istria isn't just a single day's celebration; it's the beginning of a timeless love affair with this captivating region. Join us in Istria, where every moment is a testament to love and every memory an heirloom.

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Wines of Hvar

Discover a world of different wines on your luxury villa holiday
Discover a world of different wines on your luxury villa holiday

Hvar Island is a jewel in the crown of Croatian viticulture, boasting a rich tapestry of over 130 indigenous grape varieties. Dating back an astonishing 2000 years, Hvar's winemaking heritage is deeply rooted in its sun-drenched soils and hillside vineyards. Some vines, a testament to Hvar's age-old customs, continue to flourish on the UNESCO-protected Stari Grad Plains, just as they did two millennia ago.

Yet, Hvar's winemaking story unfolds far beyond these historical plains. Scattered across the island, vineyards clasp onto steep terrains, bathing in Hvar's generous sunshine. These diverse landscapes nurture an assortment of grapes - Prč, Bogdanuša, Darnekuša, Pošip, Plavac Mali, Maraština - each crafting an intricate symphony of flavors.

Discover Hvar's wine mastery first-hand with visits to passionate winemakers, or perhaps, indulge in an exclusive tasting within the plush surroundings of your luxury villa. A renowned local sommelier can guide you through Hvar's enchanting wine tapestry, featuring the celebrated Plavac mali of Tomić, Ivo Duboković's cherished indigenous varietals, and the artisanal excellence of Teo Huljić. Surrender to the allure of Hvar's wines, an unforgettable journey through the island's heart and soul.

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National Parks of Dalmatia

Area of wondrous natural beauty
Area of wondrous natural beauty

The untouched beauty and pristine wilderness of Dalmatia, home to a wealth of protected natural areas, make it a crowning jewel of Croatia. From your luxurious villa, you can embark on a journey through four Nature Parks, six National Parks, and one UNESCO Geopark, each offering a unique spectacle of natural grandeur.

Explore North Velebit and Paklenica National Parks in the northern part of Dalmatia, where awe-inspiring mountains offer breathtaking panoramas of the sea and the majestic Velebit range. Venture over these mountains and discover the marvels of Dinara Nature Park, with peaks overlooking the ancient city of Knin, near the source of the captivating Cetina river. Further north, the Plitvice Lakes National Park invites you to explore a paradise of cascading waterfalls.

Dalmatia's coastal scenery is equally mesmerizing. Telašćica Bay Nature Park at the southern end of Dugi Otok island, and the dense Kornati archipelago, offer vivid island landscapes and abundant wildlife. It's a sailor's dream.

The mountain ranges between the Cetina and Neretva rivers, including Biokovo, Croatia's second highest, and the newly crowned UNESCO Geopark Biokovo-Imotski Lakes, offer stunning views and an array of peaks to conquer.

Off Dubrovnik's coast, explore Mljet National Park, a protected paradise extending into the sea, offering divers a chance to explore wildlife-rich reefs. Nearby, the verdant peaks of Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park stand in beautiful contrast to the turquoise sea, a testament to Dalmatia's rich and diverse natural treasures.

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Krka national park
Kornati national park
North Velebit national park
Plitvice lakes national park




Adventures and activities for families

Adventures and activities on your luxury villa family vacation
Adventures and activities on your luxury villa family vacation

Croatia, with its warm embrace for families, brings a cornucopia of thrilling activities that will make your luxury villa holiday one for the memory books. Marvel at the Istrian and Dalmatian coastlines, paddling on a kayak or gliding on a paddleboard over the crystal-clear turquoise waters. For underwater explorers, snorkeling and diving unfold an enchanting marine world.

Venture beyond the coastal charms with a boat trip, a delightful way to savor your Croatian villa holiday. Picture your family adrift in the Adriatic, island-hopping, unearthing secluded bays, basking on exquisite beaches, and savoring Mediterranean delicacies. Add a dash of mystery with a visit to the mesmerizing Modric cave near Zadar.

Yet, Croatia's appeal extends beyond its azure seas. Immerse in the stunning landscapes by cycling through aromatic pine forests and charming promenades. Many of our luxury villas even offer bicycles for your convenience. Seeking an adrenaline rush? The thrill of white water rafting and ziplining over the Cetina River will leave teens exhilarated. Meanwhile, the International Children's Festival in Šibenik and a creative papier-mâché art class in Split will ignite the imagination of younger ones. These unforgettable moments, shared with parents or grandparents, truly epitomize a Croatian family holiday.

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Croatia rafting
sightseeing, hiking
modric cave exploration
cooking class




History and culture of Dalmatia

Delve into the fascinating past and traditions maintained today during your luxury villa holiday
Delve into the fascinating past and traditions maintained today during your luxury villa holiday

Dalmatia, globally revered for its azure waters and idyllic beaches, is a treasure trove of historic tales and enduring traditions. This captivating region, an intersection of time and culture, beckons you to explore its diverse legacy.

Marvel at the Roman relics bearing testament to Croatia's enduring allure. The grand palace of Emperor Diocletian in Split reveals the serene retirement dreams of this great ruler. The wealth of the Venetian Republic echoes through the pristine 16th-century city walls of Zadar.

In Dubrovnik, where independence once thrived, Europe's first orphanage found a home. Discover the roots of Europe’s inaugural commercial pharmacy here, where herbs and flowers from nearby hills were transformed into remedies. The massive fortresses in Šibenik, once the bulwark against Ottoman advances, and the colossal historical fortress in Knin, narrate recent epic histories.

Beyond the grandiose structures, a simpler past unfurls. Stone walls and rustic shelters whisper tales of semi-nomadic shepherds whose flocks grazed on the Dinaric Alps and Dalmatian islands. Their legacy endures in the coveted Dalmatian lamb and cheese, treasured delicacies of the region.

Traverse the olive groves and vineyards that shape Dalmatia’s romantic vista. Savor world-renowned wines and olive oils from family producers on islands like Hvar and Korčula, or Pelješac near Dubrovnik. Amid these fields, time-honored settlements linger, each bearing the imprints of a rich past. And, in the region's delectable fare, experience traditions kept vibrant.

As you retreat to your luxury villa, carry with you these tastes, the echoes of Dalmatia's illustrious history and enchanting culture.

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statue in front of the church
castle on hill
church interior
Split, St. Domnius Cathedral, dawn




Island adventures and activities

Away from your restful luxury villa there are plenty of thrills to discover
Away from your restful luxury villa there are plenty of thrills to discover

Croatia's enchanting islands hold more than just languid beaches and quaint fishing hamlets. Beneath the veneer of tranquility lies a playground of captivating activities, offering a delightful contrast to the laid-back indulgence of your luxury Croatian villa.

Adventure seekers can navigate through hidden coves, mysterious caves, and secluded beaches by kayak or paddleboard. Each stroke propels you towards revealing another unique facet of these captivating islands. If you fancy a deeper exploration, dive beneath the azure waves of the Adriatic. As you attune to the rhythm of the sea, a vibrant marine tableau emerges, making Croatia an underwater paradise for divers and snorkelers alike.

For those whose pulse quickens with adrenaline, unleash your spirit on jet skis or speedboats. Venture inland to encounter a pristine rural tableau of vineyards and olive groves, punctuated by time-honored villages and diminutive, ancient churches. Trek or cycle through this untouched landscape to reach exhilarating peaks, offering panoramic views that etch themselves into your memory.

After a day of exploration, cycle along the coast or take a refreshing plunge into the sea before retreating to the luxury of your villa. This is the exhilarating balance of relaxation and adventure that makes a Croatian island holiday unforgettable.

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hidden beach, islands Croatia
bike adventure islands Croatia
secluded cove, islands Croatia
kayaking islands Croatia




North Dalmatia experiences and adventures

Experience the epic sights and adventures of North Dalmatia on your luxury villa holiday
Experience the epic sights and adventures of North Dalmatia on your luxury villa holiday

North Dalmatia, with its awe-inspiring mountain ranges, picturesque river valleys, and enchanting island clusters, boasts the most breathtaking natural splendour in all of Croatia. A landscape of wonder, it invites you to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Dominating the mainland beyond Zadar is the Velebit mountain range, encompassing the largest protected landmass in Croatia, the Velebit Nature Park. Within its expanse, the National Parks of North Velebit and Paklenica unfold a spectacle of towering peaks, alienesque rock formations, and deep river valleys, beckoning hikers, climbers, and scientists from around the globe.

Venture over the Velebit mountains, and the famed Plitvice Lakes National Park unveils a paradise of cascading waterfalls interlacing verdant forests and serene lakes – an unparalleled natural masterpiece. Nearby, the Zrmanja river meanders through a lush valley, an idyllic setting for a day of kayaking.

Pašman and Ugljan, the islands of North Dalmatia, are the go-to destinations for cycling enthusiasts, while the tranquil beaches and bays of Dugi Otok invite kayakers to explore. Head south to Šibenik to experience the thrilling rush of Croatia's highest zipline over the Cikola canyon, or embark on a scenic bike ride or hike to Krka National Park.

In North Dalmatia, an epic tapestry of stunning landscapes offers a wealth of unforgettable sights and experiences, all at the doorstep of your luxurious villa holiday.

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beach North Dalmatia
Velebt mountain top
sheep, field North Dalmatia
mountain hiking North Dalmatia